La Vall del Riu Corb

‘La Vall del Corb, per als que la coneixen des de la infantesa, és un lloc privilegiat, una mena de paradís de l’encantament i de la delícia immorible.’

Josep Vallverdú

There is a valley where the daily rhythm of life is different and where the colors of the seasons mark the passing of time. This valley is bathed by a small and playful river, the Corb, and refreshed by a wind coming from a distance, the Marinada. On its land, that people have been domesticating year after year, grow almond and olive trees, vines and cereals.

On the margins of the fields flourish poppy, thyme and St John’s wort. Copses of evergreen oaks, pubescent oaks and pine trees also dot the landscape. Dry-stone walls, towers, sheds, old mills, churches and castles tell us all about the history of the place. This is a valley that can only be explored through hiking, wandering and savouring each moment.

Vineyards and vine-making

‘Atureu-vos una tarda de finals d’estiu en una eminència: mireu cap a les vinyes i percebreu l’olor de most encara no premsat, però ja encetat en menudes ferides per les bestioles feineres.’

Josep Vallverdú

At the tip and end of the valley, the vineyard welcomes and dismisses, embraces and releases. It is the testimony of a wine-growing past that strives to make itself present. It is also the effort of all those people who bring the pain of work to the vineyard and the heart, the passion of this magical art to transform the grapes into wine.

Stop for a moment and look for a glass of wine on the essence of the dry grapevine that the corb valley invites you to discover, to taste.


‘La marinada pinta de morat el cel, i de perla les oliveres, i de grogor oscil·lant els ametllers.’

Josep Vallverdú

The Vall del Corb is defined by us, the people: men and women who share, love and cultivate their territory. We are the ones who shape the Vall del Corb, we the people who on a daily basis transform the gifts of our land into a large variety of products. We who do our best to obtain a high quality product and to preserve a tradition that is kept alive across generations, innovating to reinforce our specificities.

Actually, the Vall del Corb is defined by the products it offers: olive oils, delicatessen, craft beers, cheese, honey, vegetables and preserved foods, the dishes created by our restaurants... and behind each of them, you will find us, the people of the valley.


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