Celler Casa Pardet

Wines and spirits

The village of Verdú is not only famous for its ceramics, but also for its wines. If you visit Casa Pardet Winery, you’ll be able to taste their sparkling wines and their vinegars made of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Trepat grape varieties, cultivated without any watering and along biodynamic principles. This family winery is a real experience and you can believe Pep, the winemaker, when he says his goal is to transfer the energetic vitality of the vineyards into each and every single bottle of wine.

What can the valley offer you?

Discovering the valley also means getting to know its local products: wines, delicatessen, cheese, craft beers, honey... and enjoying them in the restaurants you will find in the charming little villages of our territory.

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