Celler Carviresa

Wines and spirits

What began in 1870 as a small vermouth and bulk wine shop at the center of Tàrrega is now one of the biggest wineries of the Corb Valley, owning different wineries in Tàrrega,Verdú and Sant Martí de Riucorb. Bulk wine is their speciality but they also produce their own wines and a sparkling wine. If you want to taste them, do stop at their farmshop, at the edge of Tàrrega. Be ready, you’ll find an impressive range of wines, sparkling wines, liquors and brandies!

What can the valley offer you?

Discovering the valley also means getting to know its local products: wines, delicatessen, cheese, craft beers, honey... and enjoying them in the restaurants you will find in the charming little villages of our territory.

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