Tòfones Monfertru


Behind MONFERTRU you will find two cousins of Santa Coloma de Queralt sharing the same passion: truffle. Their project is located in the historical comarca of 'Baixa Segarra', which has the perfect microclimate to cultivate truffle and obtain a high quality product. They have also created different products that combine their truffles with local ingredients and the craft of local enterprises: black truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil, truffle salt, truffle and pear marmalade, truffle paté and truffle whipped goat cheese. If you want to discover the magic of black truffle, you can go and visit the two cousins of Monfertru project. And do not forget that while you savour the flavour of black truffle, you can take a walk through the historical centre of Santa Coloma de Queralt and discover its hidden places and their histories.

What can the valley offer you?

Discovering the valley also means getting to know its local products: wines, delicatessen, cheese, craft beers, honey... and enjoying them in the restaurants you will find in the charming little villages of our territory.

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