Artesania Maisa Batini


Maisa and Pablo are two courageous people that opted for a change in life and moved from the city to the countryside in order to launch their handcraft fabric project. Their values describe them in a perfect way

we use locally produced materials;

we defend to the utmost point authenticity, honesty and fair competition;

we do not follow fashion trends, we just let our intuition and heart guide us

we simply refuse decorum. We love easiness, fun and the respect for difference;

we promote the idea of sharing emotions and the happiness of sharing the privilege of wearing something unique;

we certify that are products are handcrafted and 100% handmade in Spain


And if after visiting this incredible project you are feeling hungry, just stop at Saint Gil to buy some delicious artisan cheese, it is right in the same village!

What can the valley offer you?

Discovering the valley also means getting to know its local products: wines, delicatessen, cheese, craft beers, honey... and enjoying them in the restaurants you will find in the charming little villages of our territory.

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