El Tallat

If you visit the village of Rocallaura, you can walk to the sanctuary of Tallat, a place of high historical interest, extremely relevant to our valley. Discover the small hidden places and don’t forget to visit the anti-aircraft shelter from the Civil War. Tallat has always been, for many of the valley villages, a place of pilgrimage where people went to ask the Virgin for water in future harvests.
Once you’re done with the route and back to Rocallaura, you can stop at the village’s bar, Rocallaura Cafè, and meet Ennio and Mariela, its charming owners who will treat you, no doubt, just as if you were at home.

Information of interest

Opening hours and tours: from Friday to Sunday, beginning at 11 am.During spring and summer, opened every day.
Call at: 973 08 40 07


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