Ecomuseum of Rural Life

The building of Belianes’ town hall holds small treasures of history. One of them is the Ecomuseum of Rural Life, which shows the daily life of a village of the Vall del Corb through time. The epicenter of this space is the peasantry, as the fundamental economic and social actor of our lands. If you visit the Museum you will observe it first hand, thanks to the showcased tools.
The town hall building was declared a cultural good of national interest in 1979. It stands out because of its 15th century, Gothic-style censers made of bronze.
You may complete this activity by visiting the Maurici Massot Mill, the Museum of Outfits, the Tirant lo Blanc Library and by taking a walk through the town, where you may admire Cal Roc, the Sant Jaume church and the town’s various small squares and houses. We recommend that you end your route by contemplating the landscape from La Muralla street.

Information of interest

For more information and guided tours, please get in touch with Belianes's city council:
Phone: 973330139


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