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The Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Vall del Corb (Association for the Integral Development of the Corb´s Valley) is an association that brings together producers, developers, artisans, restaurateurs, rural hotels and local shops, as well as entities and persons passionate about the Valley. The Association was created during the spring of 2000, and since then it has been evolving, offering various activities throughout the years, but always searching the same targets : the dynamization of the Valley, the revitalization of its townships, the heritage and landscape preservation, the sustainable promotion of its values and proposals, as well as the promotion of quality researchs and activities to reinforce the attachment of the inhabitants for their territory.

During the last years we organized events and activities for all kind of public, like the etnogastronomic route Trosfood, summer night markets, the Vins i Sons concerts, the musical vermouth, children´s games festivals, and discovery tours (flora, dry stone heritage, birds of the Valley, etc).

The Association has around 200 members that bring support and involvement in the activities proposed in the territory.
Do you want to be a member, and help to support the sustainable development of the Vall del Corb?

We also offer promotion and network services for producers, artisans and local shops in this website. We promote the Territorio de Vínculos project, an initiative that faces the challenge of depopulation putting the eye on the agroecology, the biodiversity, the access to housing and the sustainable forest and natural resources management. Discover the project by clicking: https://territoridevincles.cat/

Since 2020 we have signed agreements for the Valley dinamization with city Halls, County Councils and Country Councils, that seek to generate collaboration mechanisms with the Public Administration and, in this way, impulse the maximum number of social and cultural initiatives in the territory.

The Association works as a board, and has various workgroups with a designed person as a reference person for each group, that attends to the board’s meetings.

  • Productores en Red (Producers in a Network) it gathers the agriculture and food makers and producers, the artisans, the rural hotels and the local shops that are members of the Association.
  • VinsCorb (CorbWins) gathers the wine cellars of the Vall del Corb
  • Comunicación y Territorio (Communication and Territory) is in charge of the communication of the activities of the Association
  • Cultura, Paisaje y Sociedad (Culture, Landscape and Society) seeks to raise awareness about all the cultural, environmental and social problems that affect the Valley.

Do you want to be part of any of these Workgroups? Send us an email to hola@valldelcorb.cat and we will introduce you to the Workgroup!

Structure of the association for integral development of the Vall del Corb


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